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Friday, November 25, 2022

Celebrate Black Friday with 300K Tbay Users


Come to celebrate Black Friday with 300,000 Tbay users!

The new Black Friday is approaching, at this very special moment, the world’s leading gift card trading platform Tbay has reached 300,000 registered users, so Tbay launched the biggest event of the year.

During the Black Friday event, you will have the opportunity to get up to ₦258,000. What’s more, the users with top 10 trading volume will also have the chance to get their exquisite and useful gifts such as Electric start generator, Keller Weber quartz watch, S7 Heart rate blood pressure sleep exercise watch, USB Bluetooth Car MP3, etc. Come to Tbay, trade gift cards, get big rewards.

Tbay is a world leading online gift card trading platform that supports over 30 types of gift cards. You can sell gift cards for cash instantly with the high rates. Tbay has been established for 3 years, now the number of users has exceeded 300K, most of them are in Europe and America, as well in numerous African countries like Nigeria. Meanwhile, Tbay is expanding its business to every corner of the world.

This platform has been verified by some world’s top media companies such as Yahoo Finance, AP News, Market Watch, and Markets Insider. If you search Tbay on Google you will see plenty of positive reviews all written by Tbay users, which are heart-warming, encouraging and definitely trustworthy.

What makes Tbay outstanding in the industry and gain 300K users in 3 years?
First of all, Tbay provides transaction security and asset security for all customers. Tbay imposes extremely strict requirements on gift card vendors and they must sign an exclusive cooperation agreement. In addition, Tbay regularly monitors the comprehensive service quality of gift card vendors and takes regular disciplinary measures.

Finally, Tbay’s vendors are required to conduct transactions in a 360° monitoring environment, and all gift card transactions evidences can be provided to customers.
What’s more, you can also get the high rates on Tbay, it is also one of the main advantages of this platform.

For instance, AMEx gift card, Steam gift card, Apple&iTunes gift card, and Google Play gift card are all high rates cards. You can get more profits from them, especially Steam gift cards, the average transaction time is less than 5 minutes on Tbay, and you can withdraw even faster.

Tbay has always been committed to providing users with a safe and efficient service and resolutely opposed to gift card scam fraud. What they have done is to improve user experience and build a healthy and prosperous industry ecology. Focus on your tomorrow’s success is the Tbay’s biggest mission. They never make a wish, they create reality.

Come to Tbay and start your Black Friday journey.

Tbay website – https://tbay.store/#/

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