• Friday, March 16, 2018

    [Music video] The way - Mc Gospela

    Chorus: I ain't not worthy christ forgive me Jesus christ is the way x2 He takes away my pain take away my sorrow Jesus christ is the way

    Rap: I walk through the valley of shadows of death, I fear no evil, I carry my cross to follow Christ till the end. Everybody has his own life to live. Remember you will give account of the way you live your life to the King of Kings, to the Lord of Lords. Microphone preaching the gospel on your cellphone all the glory be to God shame to the devil. What shall be the gain of man who gain the whole world and looses soul, God forbid but the choice is yours to choose right or wrong, everything is yours by the grace of God we all gonna make heaven.. Amen, Amen, 
    Outro: what shall be the gain of man who gain the whole word and loose soul, 

    Song title: The way
    Produce by Mc
    Written by Mc gospela
    Released date: 15 march, 2018
    Directed by Mc
    Ph num: 08066415981
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